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Cause you're watching over me

So I'm just sitting here listening to music and talking to Justin online. I miss him so much and he was here last night lol. Damn I love that boy so much. So last night I got so mad at my mom and her new bf or friend or what ever the hell he is to her. I don't know I just get to mad to easliy lately.. I'm just emotional I guess. But oh well.

Right now I'm just sore all over and just really bored.

Me and Justin and Roxy went to hazard the other day, we went bowling and played pool a little we had so much fun, after that we went to Justin's moms house he got her some flowers for mothers day. After that me, him, Roxy, and Chas, justins sister, we all went and watched Just My Luck. It wasn't as good or funny as I thought it would be but atleast I was with justin and was having a good time. WEll on the way back after we droped Chas off we ended up having to take roxy back to virgina, well we only took her to the top of the hill, (stateline). Her stoamch was killing her really bad. And I found out last night that she has a high risk pregnancy. i hope everything works out for the best. I'm really worried about her.

anyway.. i guess i'm gonna go and talk to justin a while then take a shower and see if i can get some sleep.. so later..
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