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I am so in love with JUsitn. I really couldn't immagine my life without him. He is everything that I have ever hoped and wished for.

Ok so I know that I have already said that like a thousand times but I wouldn't say it so much if it wasn't true. But it is. The way I feel about is so true. He is the love of my life.

Well anyway, saturday is my family reunion for my Mamaws side of the family.. And I am hoping and praying that my cousin Toni comes in from michigan.I haven't seen her in 5 years we used to keep in touch through letters and emails, but I havent sent her a ltter or a email in forever and my mom talked to my aunt and she said that they arent sure she is coming in.. I hope she is i really wanna hang with her. but im gonna go now so bye..
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