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Oh Yeah

SO I know that I haven't posted in a while but were I have myspace i've just been busy keeping it up to date. but im gonna start posting more on here.. So im doing really great. me and justin are doing great. wensday was a month for us.. I love him so much. yeah i know that its only been a month but already i feel like he is the one that I have been looking for.. i know that i have had other b/fs in my past that i thought were the one but i know deep in my heart that justin really is.. cause i never felt like this before. i mean he has brought out a side of me that i never really knew i had. i can't see myself loving anyone but him he is everything to me and i know that we will last. we have a song its And I by Ciara.. It really does describe how i feel about justin..

anyway im in a bad mood right now cause im feeling bad.. and i hate it.. i hate when im sick i get in a bad mood.. anyway im gonna go now so later...
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